My last big adventure was a 2,300 mile bike-packing tour around the north-east of the U.S. with my brother.

Me on the steep descent, photograph Will Flegg

Descending from the summit of Mont Blanc in 2005, photograph Will Flegg

Growing up on a diet of mountain walking, sailing, windsurfing and bike riding instilled a life long love of adventures in the great outdoors. Since then I’ve walked across Spain, trekked in the outback of Australia, cycled across Europe via the North Cape, climbed in Peru, Chile and stood on the roof of Western Europe (Mont Blanc). Adventure lets me live in the moment, live simply, appreciate friends, family and nature deeply.

Happiest when I’m outdoors with a camera in my hand.

Find me on Instagram: http://instagram.com/benlcollins and Twitter: @benlcollins

Professionally, I’m a spreadsheet developer, data analyst and lead instructor at benlcollins.com, currently based in beautiful Harpers Ferry, WV.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Martin

    Hi Ben,

    I was reading about uour bikepacking setup with the Cannondale 2015. I just bought that same bike (CAADX 2015 Sora), second hand of course, and I’m thinking to use it as a bikepacking bike but on gravel roads. You’re the only one I found on internet using this bike fpr that purpose… Shall I asume it’s tough enough to put on it some back panniers and handlebar bag and travel around in gravel?? I’m scared about the carbon fork even you wrote somewhere that it responded pretty gpod for you.

    Hopefully everything’s going well for and you keep traveling!!!

    1. benlcollins Post author

      Thanks, Martin! It’s a great bike. It was fine with rear panniers and a handlebar bag, although it becomes unsteady if you have too much weight over the rear tires. Old Man Mountain (https://oldmanmountain.com/) make racks for bikes that don’t have mounting points, although I’d be wary of putting too much weight on the front forks. I probably wouldn’t put a rack/panniers on the carbon fork. The bike worked really well with the lightweight bikepacking (frame bag + big seat bag + handlebar bag) setup. Good luck with your tours! Cheers, Ben



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