Local Adventure List

Here I’ve compiled a list of local adventures, which I plan to attempt over the next few years. Some notes:

  • All these adventures start and/or finish from home. My preference is for adventures that both start and finish from home, so the entire expedition is self-powered.
  • Running is not included since my knees don’t appear to be strong enough these days. Hence the ultra-distance events are now multi-day adventures, which just means I get to enjoy the adventure for longer πŸ˜‰
  • All these adventures can be enjoyed in summer or winter conditions, and I hope to complete them all under both types of conditions.
  • There are a multitude of shorter trails in and around Harpers Ferry that I’ve not included in this list.
  • βœ… indicates that this adventure has been done in summer conditions. ❄️ means done under winter conditions.
  • Links to trip reports added where complete.
  • This list is a work-in-progress that I’ll likely add to as I discover more adventures in the area! Some are also aspirational and will probably change when I research the routes in more detail! πŸ™‚

Single-push / Single-day hiking adventures

  • Loudon Heights (7 miles) βœ… ❄️ [LINK 1, LINK 2]
  • Stone Fort Loop (8 miles) βœ… ❄️ [LINK]
  • Weverton Cliffs (12 miles) βœ…. [LINK]
  • 2 peak: Loudon + Stone Fort loop (15 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • 2 peak: Stone Fort loop + Weverton Cliffs (18 miles)
  • 3 peak: Loudon + Stone Fort + Weverton Cliffs (25 miles)
  • Home to Keys Gap return (12 miles) βœ… [LINK 1, LINK 2]
  • Home to David Lesser shelter return (19 miles) βœ… ❄️ [LINK]
  • Home to Raven Rocks return (34 miles)
  • Home to Raven Rocks trailhead one-way (21 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • Home to Edward B. Garvey Memorial Shelter return (17 miles)
  • Home to Gathland State Park return (~20 miles)
  • Home to White Rocks Trail Overlook return (~27 miles)

Single-push / Single-day bike adventures

  • Return trip to Shepherdstown (40 miles)
  • Sugarloaf mountain from home and return (50+ miles)
  • Return trip to DC (120 miles)

Single-push / Single-day multi-sport adventures

The plan is to get into packrafting in 2022 and add that into the adventure mix. There are several accessible rivers that naturally link features here, so a packraft would add new options to existing routes.

  • Packraft to Weverton Cliffs, climb it, hike home (6 miles raft, 7 miles walk?)
  • Bike to Shepherdstown, packraft return to home (20 miles bike + 20 miles river?)
  • Hike to Raven Rocks trailhead, packraft home (24 miles hike + 25 miles river?)
  • Packraft Antietam Creek to Harpers Ferry

Multi-day adventures

Style: Go as light as possible and be as self-sufficient as possible. Take either a lightweight tent or hammock.

  • Hike home to Front Royal (60 miles, 3 or 4 days?)
  • Hike home to S end of Shenandoah (150 miles, 6 – 10 days?)
  • Packraft exped: raft to Weverton Cliffs, climb it, hike to Stone Fort, climb it, hike to Loudon Heights, climb it, continue hike to Front Royal, raft back to home (10 days?)
  • Hike C&O and GAP trails (~330 miles, 15 – 20 days)
  • Hike C&O and GAP trails yo-yo (~700 miles, 30 – 40 days)

Truly, there’s enough adventure in my local area to occupy a lifetime!