Local Adventure List (Harpers Ferry, WV)

Here I’ve compiled a list of local adventures, which I plan to attempt over the next few years. Some notes:

  • All these adventures start and/or finish from home. My preference is for adventures that both start and finish from home, so the entire expedition is self-powered.
  • Running is not included since my knees don’t appear to be strong enough these days. Hence the ultra-distance events are now multi-day adventures, which just means I get to enjoy the adventure for longer πŸ˜‰
  • All these adventures can be enjoyed in summer or winter conditions, and I hope to complete them all under both types of conditions.
  • There are a multitude of shorter trails in and around Harpers Ferry that I’ve not included in this list.
  • βœ… indicates that this adventure has been done in summer conditions. ❄️ means done under winter conditions.
  • Links to trip reports added where complete.
  • This list is a work-in-progress that I’ll likely add to as I discover more adventures in the area! Some are also aspirational and will probably change when I research the routes in more detail! πŸ™‚

Single-push / Single-day hiking adventures

  • Loudon Heights (7 miles) βœ… ❄️ [LINK 1, LINK 2]
  • Stone Fort Loop (8 miles) βœ… ❄️ [LINK]
  • Weverton Cliffs (12 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • 2 peak: Loudon + Stone Fort loop (15 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • 2 peak: Stone Fort loop + Weverton Cliffs (18 miles)
  • 3 peak: Loudon + Stone Fort + Weverton Cliffs (25 miles) βœ… [SOLO, WITH PETE]
  • To Keys Gap return (12 miles) βœ… [LINK 1, LINK 2]
  • To David Lesser shelter return (19 miles) βœ… ❄️ [LINK]
  • To Raven Rocks trailhead one-way (21 miles) βœ… [SOLO]
  • To Edward B. Garvey Memorial Shelter return (17 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • To Gathland State Park return (~24 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • To White Rocks Trail Overlook return (~31 miles)
  • To Rocky Run Shelter return (~33 miles)
  • To Raven Rocks return (~34 miles)
  • To Major General Jesse Reno Monument return (~36 miles)
  • Every street in Harpers Ferry walk

Single-push / Single-day bike adventures

  • Return trip to Shepherdstown (30 miles) βœ… [LINK]
  • Sugarloaf mountain from home and return (50+ miles, 5 miles hiking)
  • Return trip to DC (120 miles)

Single-push / Single-day multi-sport adventures

The plan is to get into stand up paddle boarding (SUP) in 2022 and add that into the adventure mix. There are several accessible rivers that naturally link features here, so a SUP will add new options to existing routes.

  • SUP tours on the Potomac
  • Bike to Shepherdstown, SUP return to home (20 miles bike + 20 miles river?)
  • Hike to Raven Rocks trailhead, SUP home (24 miles hike + 25 miles river?)
  • Three Peaks using packraft instead of bridges for the river crossings

Multi-day adventures

Style: Go as light as possible and be as self-sufficient as possible. Take either a lightweight tent or hammock.

  • Hike home to Front Royal (60 miles, 3 or 4 days?)
  • Hike home to S end of Shenandoah (150 miles, 6 – 10 days?)
  • Bike + river SUP adventures
  • Bike & SUP the C&O and GAP trails (~330 miles, yo-yo 700 miles)

Truly, there’s enough adventure in my local area to occupy a lifetime!