Week Summary: 6/10/19 – 6/16/19

IMG_20190610_202055 (1)

Monday 6/10 – 2.4 miles AT + River Trail around HF

Out along Appalachian Trail to Harpers Ferry. Return via River trail. Last minute decision to head out once we’d put the kids to bed. No one out. Had Jefferson Rock to myself so I phaffed around and balanced the camera on a rock to get the shot above. 👍

Tuesday 6/11 – 5.1 miles. Hill repeats up Maryland Heights with the HURT club

Went at my own pace as I get used to trail running again.

Wednesday 6/12 – 2.5 miles. Hike/run with Lex along AT + River Trail around HF

Both testing out our new trail running shoes: Altra Lone Peak 4. They feel like a pair of slippers. Ridiculously comfortable.


Thursday 6/13 – 7.3 miles. Murphy’s Farm loop with the HURT club

Wow, who knew Harpers Ferry had so many local trails? Discovered lots of new trails and another fabulous lookout tonight. Longest run I’ve done for a long time…


Friday 6/14 – Rest day

Saturday 6/15 – Rest day

Sunday 6/16 – 6.9 miles. Cruise up Loudon Heights.

Pretty hot out! Hard work on the uphill to the ridge. Felt smoooooth along the ridge to the lookout. Chatted to a friendly hiker there for 10 minutes. Bonked a little on the orange trail but came back after 10 mins or so.

Legs are getting a little stronger and more accustomed to trail running. It’s much, much more absorbing than road running, which means less time daydreaming because I have to focus on where to put my feet 😉

The lookout at Loudon Heights is 🔥🔥



The Next Chapter: Harpers Ferry, WV


In May 2019, I finally realized a long-held dream of mine of moving to a mountain town, in this case Harpers Ferry, West Virginia.

There’s an abundance of fantastic trails with plenty of vert. The Appalachian Trail runs past our front door. We love it here!

I’m going to keep a basic log of outdoor activities here, although all the boring details like pace, splits, elevation etc. are kept on Strava.


Week 1: 13th – 19th May 2019

Wed: Hike up to Maryland Heights overlook, 6.8 miles
Fri: Run around HF on river trail/AT, plus river trail out to NP visitor center, 4.6 miles

Week 2: 20th – 26th May

Tues: Run around HF on river/AT, 2.4 miles
Thurs: Run around HF on river/AT, 2.4 miles
Sat: Out and back along the AT by Loudon Heights area, 3 miles

Week 3: 27th May – 2nd June

Tues: Loudon Heights hike with mum, 6.1 miles
Thurs: Stone Fort Loop with Harpers Ferry running group, 5.4 miles
Sat: Stone Fort Loop hike with mum, 8.2 miles

Week 4: 3rd – 9th June

Mon: Hike up to Maryland Heights overlook, 6.8 miles
Tues: Loudon Heights overlook, 6.7 miles
Fri: Flat run to Brunswick bridge and back, along river then C&O, 4.2 miles
Sat: Slow out along river, back along AT, 2.5 miles