2014 Goals

Ok, so maybe I’m late jumping onto this bandwagon but it’s not going to stop me posting some thoughts on what’s coming up in 2014. If anything January’s ludicrously cold and icy weather, not to mention various dental ailments, have given me plenty of enforced indoor time to think through what I’m hoping to achieve this year.

Cross bike in winter

First ride on my new toy – a Cannondale Ultrega Caadx cyclocross bike

Mid-March: I have a crazy plan for a certain ride on the same day as the Milan-San Remo race. It’s way too ambitious for my current fitness levels, so there’s only a slim chance I could pull it off but we’ll see. Watch this space.

Mid-April: race the Virginia Rough Roubaix – 114 mile gravel race in Shenandoah

Summer: I’m planning an off-road bike tour – super excited about this one, it’s going to be big, can’t say any more at the moment

Fall: First cyclocross race at the DCCX race (link to the 2013 race). Also, join a local cycling club (with a view to start racing in 2015).

Winter: I want to have a crack at the Rapha Festive 500 (link to the 2013 event).

It’s not going to be easy to fit all of this in – there are other factors at play that are bigger than just my cycling ambitions – but my overriding aim is to have a lot of high quality cycling adventures this year. This post will help keep me accountable. Should I ever find myself wavering in my commitment to these goals, I’d do well to remember the words of Confucius:

When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps – Confucius

See you out on the road!


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