Along the Northern California coast (day 2)


Distance: 68 miles

Yesterday we rode from our camp amongst the Redwoods, Samuel P. Taylor campground, to a camp on the California coast, Stillwater Cove campground. It was a hard day with several testing climbs – one particular climb (see hairpin photo above) going on and on, trying work for our novice legs, as we gradually get warmed up!

Mist engulfed us as we progressed north, giving occasional, tantalising glimpses of the vast Pacific Ocean. At times the road was perched right on the cliff edge, tumbling down hundreds of feet to the sea. Collapsed sea stacks and eroded cliffs were frequent sights.

It was another excellent campsite at Stillwater Cove, one of these hiker-biker sites which are rustic and amongst the woods. They provide raccoon boxes to store food overnight and flushing toilets, so don’t worry mum, we’re not roughing it too much. Yet…






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