City Hike #1: San Francisco

I love visiting big cities. I love the energy, the vibrancy, the creativity of people in the big cities. And I believe the best way to soak it all in is by walking the streets.

I’ve done this ~16 mile hike around San Francisco twice. Once in July 2018 with my brother, and once in April 2019 by myself. Both times I was in San Francisco for the Google Next conference.

Click here for technical recaps of Next 18 and Next 19.

san_fran_hike_with_pete_july_2018 copy

Approximate route of the San Francisco city hike

San Francisco Hike July 2018 (with Pete)


“An army marches on its stomach”. We began the day with a monster breakfast at a cafe in Hayes Valley


Example of the gorgeous Victorian architecture in San Francisco


Our walk took us from one end of Golden Gate park to the other, passing most of the major attractions. It’s a fantastic public space. Shown here is the Conservatory of Flowers.


One of the many old gnarled trees in Golden Gate park


Two brothers standing at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. He lives on one side and I live on the other. For now.


Sea stacks in the Pacific Ocean


We explored the ruined Sutro Baths, as our route hugged the coast north towards the bay.


Catching an early glimpse of the Golden Gate bridge, with “Karl The Fog” obscuring the top.


Loving the trails around Lands End. Amazing for a city hike!


Passing Lands End


Looking back at SF.


Pete along the Batteries to Bluff trail, with the flowers in bloom and that bridge in the background. It really is a fabulous hike.


Just two goofballs


It never fails to impress me!


Beyond the bridge, the path follows the top for a while through old fortifications, before dropping down to Crissy Field. .Hard on the knees and back now we’re old buggers!


What it’s all about… a good walk, good nosh, good beer, good chat!

San Francisco Hike April 2019 (solo)

I enjoyed this hike so much last year that I decided to repeat it again this year.

I was staying in roughly the same area and followed much the same route, so it was probably around 16 miles again.

An excellent day out! (Although it was more fun with my brother!)


Past the Conservatory of Flowers in the Golden Gate park


Golden Gate park goes on and on and on! Really fantastic place.


Walking along the beach on the Pacific Ocean


Past the Sutro baths


Sutro Baths and the Pacific Ocean


Along the Batteries to Bluff trail


The weather was perfect, with the bridge peeking out behind the clouds.


You get a different angle of the bridge around every headland.


The bridge from near Marshall’s Beach


The clouds completely cleared as I got close, to give me one of the best views of the bridge I’ve ever had.

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