Harpers Ferry to Raven Rocks with Pete

19 December 2021

20.96 miles / 3,864 ft ascent / 9 hrs 12 minutes

This is a long walk along the Appalachian Trail, from Harpers Ferry to Raven Rocks trailhead, passing Keys Gap along the way.

About half of the height gain occurs on the climb up Loudoun Heights on the way out of Harpers Ferry, then the rest of the walk is mostly flat along the ridge until it gets lumpy again near to Raven Rocks.

The lookout at Raven Rocks is outstanding!

I’ve done this walk once before, on my own earlier this year. This time it was fun to share the trail with Pete and show him one of our classic backyard hikes.

Pete and me at the power line break after climbing up Loudoun Heights on the way out of Harpers Ferry
Pete on the boardwalk near to Keys Gap
One of the numerous “blowdowns” along the AT that happen every winter
Me and Pete at the David Lesser shelter for our lunch stop
Pete in the David Lesser shelter
Looking west from the ridge line, into West Virginia
Pete and me at another view (there are a handful along the route, otherwise you’re in the trees)
Appalachian Trail
I couldn’t resist climbing this boulder, the first bit of “climbing” I’ve done in years! 😉
Walking past the white blazes on the AT (Pete’s photo)
Raven Rocks lookout
Looking south from Raven Rocks to the Shenandoah
Me and Pete at Raven Rocks lookout
Job done! At the trailhead where we met Lexi for a lift home.

All in all, another great walk with Pete!

4 thoughts on “Harpers Ferry to Raven Rocks with Pete

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