Best of Fall Colors 2022

November 3rd: The fall colors were especially vibrant this year and although we’ve passed the peak, there is still plenty of color around.

As I was organizing some photos after a recent hike, I realized I had a lot of shots of the fall foliage that were in danger of disappearing on my hard drive. So here they are!

They’re not presented in any particular order. All the photos were taken on a Google Pixel 5 smartphone and lightly edited in Google Photos.

Harpers Ferry Area, West Virginia

Sugar Maple Trees on Bolivar Heights, October 25th.
Another view of the same sugar maples on Bolivar Heights, October 23rd.
View up to the canopy of these same trees, Bolivar Heights, October 23rd. You can see which side faces south and catches the sun.
Looking up between the rows of Sugar Maple trees, Bolivar Heights, October 23rd.
Beautiful red tree between Lockwood House and Brackett House, on the former Storer College campus, November 3rd.
Behind the Lewis Anthony Library, Storer College campus, November 3rd.
The trails are all covered with beds of leaves at the moment. This is on the way up Loudoun Heights, October 27th.
Sugar Maple leaves on the trail up Loudoun Heights, October 13th.
Reflections in the Shenandoah River from Shannondale Springs Wildlife Management Area, October 30th.
Crossing the Shenandoah River on US340, October 27th.
Reflections in the Potomac River, October 10th.
Ruined canal house underneath the cliffs at Maryland Heights, November 2nd.
Rail bridge over the Potomac River, November 2nd.

Asheville area, North Carolina

We spent a week near Asheville, NC, in October for the Founders Summit conference. We took the whole family and managed to fit in a few short hikes during the week. The fall colors were stunning.

Wintergreen Falls, Dupont State Forest, October 17th
At Kanuga Inn & Lodging campus for the Founders Retreat conference, October 16th
From a walk on the trails at Kanuga Inn, October 19th
Hickory Nut Falls, Chimney Rock State Park, October 20th

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