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Goodbye California, Hello Oregon (days 6 and 7)

Day 6: 54 miles, Day 7: 85 miles
457 miles from San Francisco

Silhouettes at sunset, Patrick Point, end of day 6:20140701-144913-53353205.jpg

Two excellent days of cycling, with a mix of coastal scenery, another avenue of giant trees, more big hills and constantly rolling roads. Of course, there was also some hard cycling along Highway 101 to link up the prettier sections (the noise of the traffic is the worst part, after coming off the much, much quieter side roads).

Sunset at Patrick Point, end of day 6:20140701-145003-53403876.jpg

Waking up to the sun streaming through the trees on morning of day 7 at Patrick Point State Park campsite. A beautiful site that we shared with several other bike tourers.20140701-145057-53457075.jpg

We had great (read, large) burgers at this real redneck bar. All manner of country paraphernalia adorned the bar – moose antlers on the wall, a chainsaw hung from the roof, nascar lampshades above the pool table, and photos of fishing and hunting conquests proudly displayed on any remaining wall space. 20140701-145233-53553770.jpg

We pushed on during day 7, the scent of the Oregon border drawing us on. Everyday we’re getting stronger, although the hills do not feel any easier, but perhaps we’re just stopping less! So far, Oregon is much like the section of Northern California we’ve ridden through, with stunning coastal scenery, steep hills and big RVs and pickups thundering along the roads.20140701-145653-53813464.jpg

Beautiful sea stacks in Oregon, seen from Arch Rock viewing point.20140701-150052-54052689.jpg

Up and down and up and down (days 3 and 4)


68 miles and 63 miles respectively

Our days now begin with a cup of tea and bowl of porridge, having decided that dry cereal bars just don’t cut it. Two hard days of cycling along the beautiful Pacific Ocean Highway 1, took us from Stillwater Cove camp to a night at Van Damme camp to a night at Standish Hickey camp.The coastal scenery was stunning – eroded cliffs, rolling forested hills cloaked in mist and relatively light traffic.

We were both pretty cold and tired by the time we reached camp at the end of day 3. Everything was wet from the persistent drizzle, but once the tent was up and a hot dinner consumed, order was restored in the world. Later an ultralight bike tourer (sans panniers) rolled into camp after a 160 mile day! Impressive stuff and inspiring this early in our tour. We discuss strategies for cutting down our own gear.

On both days the road undulates, up and down and up and down all day. There are two notable climbs on day 4 as we turned away from the coast. Up and over Rockport Hill (690ft up from sea level) which serves as a warm up for the subsequent climb up Leggett Hill (1950ft, starting from 200ft). Pedal furiously, stand out the saddle to get round the hairpins, pedal some more until the legs are screaming and the heart pounding, then pedal round one more corner, a desperate last push before much needed break. Breathe, relax, gulp of water, procrastinate for as long as you can get away with until one of us suggests we should get going again, then off we go. Repeat until one can go no higher!

Camped in Standish Hickey now (end of day 4 – a brilliant day). They have hot showers, such luxury! Today (day 5) we’re cycling through the Avenue of the Giants – tree photos coming this way.