End of the C&O canal, onto the GAP trail

Excuse the brevity of this post – I’m typing on an iPhone.

My brother and I are having lunch in Cumberland, MD, at the terminus of the C&O canal and the start of the GAP trail to Pittsburgh, our next target. It’s been two and a half days of really enjoyable riding from DC. Some rough surfaces aside, the trail has been relaxing riding through the woods with great campsites along the edge of the Potomac River. My back hasn’t been too bad and continues to get better. The bikes have been great and we’re not wanting for anything, despite our light setup.

We’re heading out of Cumberland shortly, aiming for Pittsburgh and then on towards Lake Erie.









6 thoughts on “End of the C&O canal, onto the GAP trail

  1. Donna Canavan

    Just got home from Lexis Bach night – dinner part only. Wonderful time! So glad you two are on the road again. Be safe!

  2. John Maletta

    Hi Ben! I’m the guy at the Confluence Outflow Campground that you met that was camping with my two daughters last night. I hope that you and your brother dodged the raindrops today and made it to beautiful Pittsburgh. We got soaked, but the kids loved getting muddy (and honestly, I did too!). My kids were fascinated by your travels and we’ll be following you guys on your trip. It was a pleasure spending the evening with you two. We’ll be cheering you on from Western PA and if we meet again, the s’mores are on us!

    1. benlcollins Post author

      John – great to meet you and your family, sounds like your daughters’ first overnight tour was a huge success! The s’mores were key I think (thanks again from us too). We reached Pittsburgh today, very muddy, great trail. Best of luck for your Nova Scotia tour, I’ll be sure to check the website. Cheers, Ben

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